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        Dome Array - Rubber Glue

        For rubber glue dome array (dome sheet), there's one layer of Rubber Glue on top of the Mayler or EMI. It has special Plastic performance and can be tightly stick on Keypad or PCBs.

        Characters of dome array:

        1. Strong applicability to the changeable climate
        2. Special Plastic performance and tightly stick on Keypad
        3. With the infiltration of static the effect of protecting the loop happened
        4. EMI printing has been adopted on current Metal Dome switch, and the priority of EMI printing lies in controlling the impedance of printing surface below 1.0, which result in effect of prevention to Hertzian waves and electrometer, in this way, the tone can be dealt with on the surface
        5. Manufacturing engineering can be more difficult compared with the exist snap dome
        Structure of dome araray
        rubber glue dome array
        Technical Parameter of Dome Array:
        Total Height: 0.28-0.45 mm
        Travel: 0.13-0.30 mm
        Scope of Force: 100-400 gf
        Tolerance of Force: ±25 gf
        Click Ratio: >30%
        Life Cycles: >1 Million Cycles
        Salt and Fog Examination: v35±2°C, 5±0.1%, 48H
        Working Temperature: -20°C-50°C
        Working Humidity: Under 100%RH
        Touch Resistance: <1 ohm
        ESD Resistance: <3 ohm
        Dimension Tolerance: ±0.05-±0.15mm
        rubber glue dome array